San Diego Central County Parkinson's Support Group

Various Parkinson's Organizations Worldwide

Please note that the following list of Parkinson's organizations is not intended to be all inclusive. The organizations below have a long established presence on the web.
San Diego

Parkinson's Association
All support groups in the San Diego Central County Parkinson's Support Group foundation are affiliated with the San Diego Parkinson’s Association. The Mission of the Parkinson’s Association is to optimize quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s disease with programs and services that enhance Mind, Movement and Morale. Parkinson's is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects more than 60,000 people (patients, care partners, family members) in Southern California.

County of San Diego, Aging and Independence Services
AIS provides services to older adults, people with disabilities and their family members, to help keep clients safely in their homes, promote healthy and vital living, and publicize positive contributions made by older adults and persons with disabilities.

Southern Caregiver Resource Center
The Southern Caregiver Resource Center (SCRC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides free support services for family caregivers caring for adults with chronic and/or disabling conditions. SCRC has been providing services to caregivers in San Diego County since 1987.  SCRC continues to be the leading provider of caregiver support services in San Diego and Imperial counties, serving 30,000 clients annually.

Social Security Disability / Veteran's Disability Help Center
The Disability Help Center is a free service established to assist those who have a mental or physical disability receive Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.


Parkinson's Resource Organization
Parkinson's Resource Organization is a noon-profit charitable organization that provides group and individual support to those making the journey through Parkinson's. This organization is based in Palm Desert, California.

Parkinson's Patients Support Groups. Inc, of Northern & Central California
This organization is located in Sunnyvale, California and maintains a list of some fifty-five Parkinson's Support Groups with names and locations for each as well as a central calendar listing all events for all groups.

United States

National Parkinson Foundation
For more than 50 years, the National Parkinson Foundation has focused on meeting the needs in the care and treatment of people with Parkinson's. NPF has but one focus, improving the quality of care for people with Parkinson's through research, education and outreach.

The American Parkinson Disease Association, Inc
The American Parkinson Disease Association, Inc (APDA) was founded in 1961 to "ease the burden and find a cure" for Parkinson's disease. Headquartered in New York, the organization focuses its energies on research, patient services, education and raising public awareness about the disease. APDA supports nine Centers for Advanced Research, 52 regional Information and Referral (I&R) Centers, 45 chapters, and 250 affiliated support groups nationwide. Each year, the APDA Scientific Advisory Board reviews grant applications, and submits recommendations, for funding researchers whose work shows promise for making scientific breakthroughs or for finding improved treatments for Parkinson's disease.

United States (continued)

Northwest Parkinson's Foundation
The Northwest Parkinson's Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to improve quality of life for the Northwest Parkinson's disease community. We achieve our mission through programs of awareness, education, advocacy and care. In addition to producing educational resources, providing support to patients and caregivers, and advocating on behalf of Parkinson's families in our region and beyond, we are a partner in the Kirkland, Washington-based Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center, which we co-founded with Evergreen Healthcare in 2000. This facility, a regional center of excellence in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, houses Parkinson's-specializing physicians, neuropsychologists, physical and occupational therapists, speech and swallowing therapists, counselors and educators.

Parkinson's Disease Foundation
Since its founding in 1957, the PDF has been committed to finding a cure for Parkinson's, while ensuring that those who live with the disease are able to enjoy the best possible quality of life. The Parkinson's Disease Foundation is based in New York, New York.

Europe, Asia and Elsewhere

World Parkinson Coalition
The World Parkinson Coalition® is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an international forum to learn about the latest scientific discoveries, medical practices, caregiver initiatives and advocacy work related to Parkinson's disease. By bringing physicians, scientists, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, caregivers and people with Parkinson's disease together, we hope to create a worldwide dialogue to help expedite the discovery of a cure and best treatment practices for this devastating disease.

European Parkinson's Disease Association
The EPDA is the only European Parkinson's umbrella organization, with
45 member organizations and advocating for more than 1.2 million persons with Parkinson's and their families.

Parkinson's Australia
Parkinson’s Australia is made up of a Board consisting of the Presidents of all the State and Territory Parkinson’s organizations. Our principal service is advocacy and to be the voice of people with Parkinson’s. As the peak nationwide agency, we represent the needs and interests of people with Parkinson’s to all levels of government seeking improved funding for services, research and awareness. Improving the understanding of Parkinson’s within the Australian community is recognized as one of priorities.

Hong Kong Parkinson's Disease Association
The Hong Kong Parkinson’s Disease Association is a self-help organization founded by a group of Parkinson’s disease patients, their families, carers and community members. It has been registered as an independent society and non-profit making organization in 1998. Further, it was incorporated as a limited company in 2010.

Movement Disorder Society of Japan
The Movement Disorder Society of Japan (MDSJ) was established in May, 2001. The main aim of the society is to promote clinical and basic studies of movement disorders, including Parkinson's disease.

Malaysian Parkinson's Disease Association
MPDA is the first non-governmental and patient-based organization set up on 12th September 1994 as support group for people with Parkinson and their caregivers in the country. It is also the third of its kind in Asia after Japan and Hong Kong at the time of its incorporation.

Movement Disorder Society of the Philippines
The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS) is a professional society of clinicians, scientists, and other healthcare professionals who are interested in Parkinson's disease, related neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders, hyperkinetic movement disorders, and abnormalities in muscle tone and motor control.

Parkinson's Disease Society, Singapore
Parkinson’s Disease Society (Singapore)  or PDSS, was formed in 1996 by a group of doctors and caregivers to help PD patients manage the disease better. The Society was registered as a charity on 27 December 1996 and became a member of the National Council of Social Service.
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